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Type: Courses
Category: Rock climbing

beginner rock climbing course, arco

Company: Kaland-Sport Outdoor Ltd.

You can learn climbing techniques, belaying techniques on this course. At the end you will be able to lead sport climbing routes and multipitch routes.
Arco, Italy
Price: 299 euro
Type: Day Activities
Category: Off-road

minitank.cz - become a tank driver

Company: MiniTANK.cz

"Where passes the wheels… Try continuous tracks!"
Benesov, Czech Republic
Price: 60 euro
Type: Day Activities
Category: Dogsledding

dog sledding rides in transylvania...

Company: Lonely Stone

How about Alaskan Malamute dog sledding rides and trips in the middle of nature, in a wonderful and unique Transylvanian landscape? How about adventured rides with our dogs in every season?
Balan, Romania
Price: 60 euro
Type: Activity Holidays

climb & ascent mount toubkal

Company: Trekking Toubkal Adventure

At 4,167m, Mount Toubkal (4167m) is the highest mountain in North Africa. The hike to the summit is challenging, but it requires no mountaineering experience and the panoramic view from he summit makes the hard work worthwhile. With the start of the trek just a couple of hours drive from Marrakech, you can reach the summit and back within 2 days and still have time to explore Morocco’s most captivating city, Marrakech.
Price: 140 euro
Type: Courses

kayak courses and kayak trips

Company: DK SPORT, Dejan Kavs s.p.

Kayak school and kayak trips in Soča valley, one of the most beautiful places in Slovenija
Price: 200 euro
Type: Activity Holidays
Category: Rafting [...]

alpine adventures in bosnia and he...

Company: Extreme Sports Club Scorpio

Bosnia and Herzegovina will surprise you! It is a small, exotic country, at the heart of Europe, with a magnificent nature and a rich history.... Scorpio organises multi activity holidays to share with its guests the best of the nature of the country, while not overlooking the cultural part. During our programmes we will take you to wild mountain areas, unexplored canyons and you will really feel the taste of adventure under the guidance of Scorpio\'s qualified mountaineering instructors.
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Price: 650 euro