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Novi Vinodolski, Croatia

04-07-2014 -

This will be the second time in Golopper’s history that we navigate you to Croatia. This time we focus (and make you focus) on Novi Vinodolski, this little and peaceful Adriatic town with around 5000 inhabitants.

© www.tz-novi-vinodolski.hr (right click, view to enlarge)

Thanks to its unique geographical position Novi Vinodolski is a beautiful place to spend time in. This little town could easily turn into an exclusive tourist resort. The sea is extremely clean here and we can witness the amazing mixture of green fields and huge grey rocks how they can create a perfect view. And we have to at least mention the evergreen forests with their cicada songs that one will never forget if once heard it. “Adriatic tourist road links Novi Vinodolski via Rijeka with Central Europe, while the sea, as local people like to say, connects Novi Vinodolski with the whole world.”[1]

© www.tz-novi-vinodolski.hr (right click, view to enlarge)

If you look at Novi Vinodolski from the sea it seems to be a quite large town. The villages nestling in Nove Vinodolski’s hinterland: Breze, Krmpote, Donji Zagon, Gornji Zagon and Ledenice. They can be ideal places for escaping the crowds of the summer rush. And last but not least for enjoying the breathtaking views of the ambience. Particularly captivating is the view from the fort of Gradina in Ledenice.

The sandy seabed here abounds in fish and crabs, so anglers can find here a great place to throw baits. Nine kilometres south of Novi Vinodolski lies Klenovica, a small fishing village. The people here completely depend on the sea, because their number one income is closely connected to the sea and to the fish. A neighbouring village – Smokvica – is located about 12 kilometres from Novi Vinodolski. Typical attraction of this area is the karst landscape with sparse vegetation. 

© www.tz-novi-vinodolski.hr (right click, view to enlarge)



This is a magical area where the warm coastal and cold mountainous climates meet, and create (mostly in the winter season) strong winds. Creating perfect conditions for sailing. Two kilometres south-east of Novi Vinodolski in the direction of Senj lies the small holiday resort, named Povile. It is distinguished for its crystal clear sea, and beautiful pine-shaded campsite with the small church of St. Magdalene.

© www.tz-novi-vinodolski.hr (right click, view to enlarge)

The unique geographical location of Novljanska Riviera makes the vicinity a perfect place for daily field trips. These historical and medieval towns that are worth visiting are: Vinodol, Drivenik, Grizane, Bribir, Ledenice and Tribalj. “The wooded areas of Gorski Kotar and picnic spots on the Bjelolasica Mountain and the Plitvice Lakes are not only beautiful natural phenomena, but also popular spots for visitors.”[2]

© www.tz-novi-vinodolski.hr (right click, view to enlarge)

Since Novi Vinodolski’s coast is washed by the waves of the Adriatic Sea, we have to think about water/sea activities. There are numberless facilities that let you to practice the simpler (family) water activities that an ordinary beach resort usually provides. For instance motor boat trips or hydrofoil cruises are quite common programs for mostly families, taking visitors to the neighbouring villages. Besides the bit extremer outdoor activities can be practised here as well. Just like surfing and sailing. Different bike routes provide the perfect conditions for the wheeler fellows. You can learn more about them here, and we hope you will not get lost.

© www.tz-novi-vinodolski.hr (right click, view to enlarge)


[2] http://www.tz-novi-vinodolski.hr/view.asp?idp=34&c=11 (31/08/12 )





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