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Isabella - Build your own ice boat!

22-03-2011 -

Building your own boat! With this article we cannot assure that we are going to teach how to build an ice boat, but we can help you in finding the most valuable information in this regard. 

Ice Sailing or using „ice boat” is the name of the activity which is commonly practiced for changing location on frozen water. Sailing and ice sailing do not really differ functionally, but ice boats are fitted with runners (skate blades) which are responsible for the speed and the gliding ability at all. We can admire the ice yachts as the winter substitutes for sail boats, as they are performing their skills on the same places only the circumstances are different.

The first appearance of ice boats was doubtlessly the effect of the demand that the goods must have been transported in extremely cold weather as well (when „normal” boats could not be used). The first ice boats were born in the late 19th century and were some kind of adaptation of the regular sailing boats. With some special instruments (additional runners in the front and of course at least one to be steered) they could slip on ice and taking the load. Shortly after the newly designed vehicle became commonly used, sportsmen quickly utilized its speed as a chance for racing instead just taking things from A to B. Since then we can deem this activity as a sport as well. After years have flown the ice boats’ participation in trade as transporters has slowly disappeared and only the sporty characteristic has remained for us. Bernd Styer, a Swedish gentleman is responsible for designing the Isabella which is a type of ice boats. As he mentions, „the whole idea is KISS”[1]. This funny abbreviation stands for Keep It Simple Stupid! This could be the credo for all ice sailors gliding with Isabellas. This is a small ice beauty which


is said to be a very easy to build one: „You just bolt the steel-work on common wood-beams.”[2] Of course we always (while building and using them) have to keep safety in our minds as a primary consideration. There are 3 types of Isabella: Isabella Classic, Isabella Isbox (Icebox), and Isabella TAPO. The vision which led to the Isabellas was to create an affordable and easy to build ice yacht for ordinary people. The Isabella is made of everyday materials such as wood and metal. The Isabellas can be one or two seaters it is totally up to the given creator and designer. The essential parts one will need are a windsurf sail and DN (another type of ice yachts) runners, all other stuff can be easily purchased and be prepared at home. After considering all the needed tools and devices you can start working on your first Isabella. The internet can be a very good source from which you can easily get (functional or even design) ideas how to go forwards with your build. Searching with the Isabella iceboat (isjakt) keywords can make us see these beauties in action. For building plans you should visit the first link in the references.



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Primus Vacuum Bottles

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