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Loïc Jean-Albert

01-02-2015 -


We had a little chat with a very kind sportsmen, Loïc Jean-Albert! He is a flying buddy, or with a navy terminology: "FlyBoy"! We were talking about sports and life, and how one can enjoy life properly!

© www.loicjeanalbert.com (right click, view to enlarge)

Golo: I know you grew up in Reunion. Does this fact (living on an island, close to the nature that much) have anything to do with your current lifestyle?

Loïc: Yes, I believe the place where I grew up and the sport and nature I've benne exposed do have a great importance in all the activities I have.

© www.loicjeanalbert.com (right click, view to enlarge)

Golo: Boring question, sorry for that... but how did it start? How come that you have not become a professional footballer or handball player? Why did you choose the extreme side (of the Force)?

Loïc: Well... I grew up in Reunion but also in a parachuting familly. My parents are both instructors, how can you not want to jump when you see skydivers all weekends???

Golo: OK, I see! 8) Was parachuting the first extreme sport you tried? And when/how did you know that these kind of activities will determine your whole future life?

Loïc: Well... define Extreme? I was doing a lot of sailing boat as a kid and I was also doing surfing and mountain climbing. Maybe not as extreme as skydiving but all of them are outdoor sports and I believe it is more about the outdoor then about the extreme ;-)

© www.loicjeanalbert.com (right click, view to enlarge)

Golo: I have to agree again... What was the chronological order of the flying sports in your life?

Loïc: Parachuting, Paragliding, Ultra light Airplanes (3 axis and trike), airplane, speed riding, Helicopter...

Golo: What are your achievements that you most proud of? Records in flying, things from your private life, etc.

Loïc: The wingusit part and being able to fly as well as develop my flying tools.

© www.loicjeanalbert.com (right click, view to enlarge)




Golo: You have a family. What is your wife’s and the kids’ opinion about your extremely active lifestyle. You are always on road, and moreover you are not just far away from them, but you also do extreme sports which are far from chess, we both know.

Loïc: I actually spend as much time as possible with them. I believe I see them more then most active businessman... Accident is another issue... My wife is a skydiver so she understands why I do these things. Risk is part of me, she loves me as I am.

© www.loicjeanalbert.com (right click, view to enlarge)

Golo: That's nice, that is the most important... How many sports do you do now on both professional and hobby level? And besides these, what other hobbies do you have, that you can do with your family together, as something which is good for passing time and having fun?

Loïc: I fly airplanes and helicopters nowadays... Not really a sport but a way to spend some time in an element I love. I like being in nature with my familly. Either mountains or sea, wathever the activity.

© www.loicjeanalbert.com (right click, view to enlarge)

Golo: You must travel a lot for your business and for the sport(s) you love: flying, but where do you usually travel with your family? Is there any dream destinations you would extremely like to travel to?

Loïc: With the kids I mainly travel to see my familly in Reunion. They are still small (4 & 6) to do some activ journeys... but time will come!

Golo: How do you use your professional skills in photography?

Loïc: In aerial photography, the most important is to be in the right place for the right angle. I have a good 3D visualisation capacity and I know how to fly there. Being in freefall, in an airplane or in a heli!

Golo: A bit naive question: will you let your children try those sports you do? Or have you let them already?

Loïc: Yes, If they want to do it, I will guide them as best as I can. I believe life is dangerous anyway. They can die doing crazy things like I did or simply crossing a road. It is hard to control your destiny so let's enjoy life!

© www.loicjeanalbert.com (right click, view to enlarge)

Reference: www.loicjeanalbert.com


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