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Nomad Archery (1)

03-07-2014 -

This time we would like to give you some kind of insight to the primitive aspect of archery. This discipline is getting more and more popular around the world, so we would like to increase its popularity with this little article.  

This trend may have something to do with getting closer to the Nature through our traditions and through the respect of our ancestors. We don’t think it is something like “we hate all the artificial, synthetic materials and all that stuff”, but after all it is a bit better to use items and tools that has serious historical background. That can be the key to these weapons: to feel the centuries in your hand, in your releasing fingers and in the power of the string. And of course all the happiness this traditional activity can give us.

Our ancestors practised archery not for making themselves happy and enjoy their free time, they practised it for surviving, because they had to get food somehow, and probably archery seemed to be the easiest way. Of course the situation is a bit different today, and there are still guys out there who draw their bows for getting food, and load there freezers. But of course it is not as serious as it was before, because these (modern) bow hunters would survive without this habit, so we still can say that they do it for fun.

And we would like make it clear about the phrase of primitive or nomad archery. In some countries this style is more like to be named traditional than nomad or primitive. And we would like to talk about the (nomad) traditional recurve bows and the way and “philosophy” of using them. These recurve bows has origins in the time of Mongols, Turks, Magyars-Hungarians, Avars, Huns, Scythians and Assyrs. Nowadays this traditional nomad type of archery is being grown in countries that have some kind of connection to these ancient nations (or even one of them). Since these bows were used in these ages, we have to imagine a horse under the archer, therefore nowadays this activity is often combined with horse riding. It is a bit more difficult to arrange, thus most of the people start archery without any professional help, just reading the forums and reviews, and if s/he is good enough, only after that s/he thinks about doing it on the back of a horse.



The main things that we must talk about regarding nomad archery are the bow, the arrow and the shooting technique. Touched upon these topics we would definitely know more about nomad archery and be prepared to look for our first (or even the second or the third) bow. But before these we have to draw our attention to the draw length. The correct draw length is paramount to archery. If it is too long, you are going to overextend your muscles, and you will hurt yourself. If it is too short you will definitely feel it, and you will look a little bit weird, and it will be uncomfortable.

Now you know that picking a bow is not as simple as buying a chocolate bar. So, you cannot go into an archery pro shop and point at the bow whose colour you like the most. The draw length has got to determine your choice. And you mustn’t forget about your anchor point (if you have). If you are totally new to archery you will need time to find the best anchor point for aiming. Without knowing this, you will be able to choose the right bow for you, but you will definitely need professional help for that. Some words have to be shared about recurve bows. We have to make distinction between recurve bows and all the other types of bows. By definition the main difference is that in case of a recurve bow the string touches a certain section of the limb when the bow is strung. This little feature of recurve bows provide more energy to the string and finally to the speed of the arrow.

We already mentioned the main reason why people purchase nomad styled recurve bows. It is the breeze of Nature and the history that you can feel when you grab a bow like that and start to draw it back. Those pros, semi-pros or simple archery enthusiasts who use compound bows find it a bit difficult and strange to shoot and aim with a nomad bow. They usually say that sometimes the arrow goes simply where it wants to. It is not the final truth, but it is doubtless that the aiming is a bit different with these bows. More instinctive shots can be performed with them, and that is also a key to these beauties. It is something like the difference between fly fishing and line fishing for instance. With keeping the line in your hands during fly fishing, you can feel the movements of the bite in your palm and everything. It is almost the same in case of the nomad styled bows, since there is no additional features that may help your aiming. It is only the bow and the arrow that is in between you and your target. And of course your instincts! Try them with a nomad bow, or do it, if you have already tried. You'll definitely like it, no question about it!

And last but not least we would like to say a big thank for the nice photos to the very talented world musician, Levente Nemes


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