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Take a look around Balaton Region

05-06-2012 -

Welcome to Golopper.com! Please, check out our article on Balaton Region which helps you find some good ideas for the photo contest and you can get to know some information on this beautiful place as well. Moreover, on Golopper.com you can find other fantastic adventures all around Europe. Go and discover...





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Lake Balaton - and its whole region

© www.balaton-tourism.hu (right click, view to enlarge)

Summer vacations, and endless string of festivals are part and parcel of Lake Balaton just as much as miraculously peaceful nature, physical and spiritual revival at one of the regional healing places or riding a bike among the buttes in the Balaton Uplands.

The Balaton Region holds distinct meanings for everyone: the land has a thousand faces and is abound in adventures.

© www.balaton-tourism.hu (right click, view to enlarge)

The large bird population of the Kis-Balaton wetlands, the basalt organs of Badacsony, the ancient lavender fields on theTihany peninsula, the cave lake at Tapolca and the unique panorama will each offer you unforgettable memories.

© www.balaton-tourism.hu (right click, view to enlarge)

There are plenty of further opportunities for adventure-seekers in the region: all you have to do is hop into a hot-air balloon somewhere on the Western shore of the lake to be impressed by an amazing view in the air or visit golf courses around the Lake enjoying careless recreation. There are also some adventure parks and the hobby of Nordic Walking is gaining more popularity in the region, as well. The water invites you to test your skills at riding the waves in a sailing boat. At Lake Balaton sailing is definitely the most widespread sport with the longest history and an ever-increasing popularity.  


There are an increasing number of piers with outstanding infrastructure, along with a growing number of hobby-sailors. The lake is also home to a number of internationally acclaimed competitions.

© www.balaton-tourism.hu (right click, view to enlarge)

It’s worth trying the unique, characteristic and high-quality wine specialties of the six local wine regions at the Lake. You can hardly find a soul who hasn’t heard of these traditional Hungarian wines – the Csopaki Olaszrizling, the Szürkebarát and Kéknyelű wines of Badacsony, the Juhfark from Somló – which is known as the wine of wedding nights – as well as the popular and deliciously smooth red wines of the South Balaton region, the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. You should also taste crafted 'terroire' wines, which carry the traits of their local habitat and are produced in smaller quantities.

© www.balaton-tourism.hu (right click, view to enlarge)

What else can you find at Balaton? During the summer endless fun on the beaches, sailing, travelling on cruise ships, kitesurfing and windsurfing… A comprehensive range of services are offered on many of the beaches, including childcare for parents who wish to sunbathe, swim or enjoy water sports, guaranteeing complex family holidays.

© www.balaton-tourism.hu (right click, view to enlarge)

Explore the wonders of the Balaton region and relax at “the Hungarian sea”. If you are interested in more tips, visitwww.balaton-tourism.hu.

Reference: www.balaton-tourism.hu

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