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Adriatic Pearl: Trieste

04-07-2014 -

Come with us and take a look around in the Adriatic. We will visit (virtually of course) Trieste, this lovely beautiful pearl of its region. Trieste lies in the easternmost corner of the Upper Adriatic, and being intensified by the air of the Bore wind. 

Trieste is a real border, and it has always been. And since it is a border, it has always been place to mixing different things. It was a meeting place of different cultures, different powers, and different literary figures (James Joyce, Italo Svevo, Umberto Saba. The buildings are just fascinating here, we can admire the different styles combined. The famous castles in Trieste were designed in Neoclassical, Eclectic and Baroque style. But we can also find here Roman remains as well.

Since Trieste lies by the sea, we can’t be surprised that the local people love going to the sea, to the beach resorts (bagni in the local slang). And most of the visitors come to Trieste because it’s very close relationship with the sea. The most famous beach resort is Sistiana Bay where most of us can find some adventure to participate in. It is a charming little natural inlet situated right between the blue Adriatic Sea and the white limestone.

The sea gives a quite vast range of activities that can be practised here: from everyday swimming through sea kayaking to scuba diving or even snorkelling most of the sea-related outdoor activities are waiting for us in Sistiana. And we haven’t talked about sailing that is also very common in Trieste. Read our current article on Barcolana Regatta which is said to be the biggest sailing race in Europe. It is always organized on the second Sunday of October. (It is not just a one-day adventure, the whole week prior to the race is full of sport-related and cultural events.)


Miramare Sea Reserve is also a place that worth a visit. (This was the first marine reserve of Italy.) It is a few minutes away from Trieste where for instance diving is offered. It was established in 1986 and it is situated inside a tourist hub combining natural and historical features. It extends over 30 hectares and fully protected.

Trieste has a world famous cave, called Grotta Gigante (Giant Cave), which is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest tourist cave of the world. The largest room is higher than a hundred metres and 280 metres long. The whole St. Peter’s Basilica can be accommodated in that very room. It is located on the Italian side of the Trieste Carso.

Naturally, visiting the cave without a qualified guide is strictly prohibited. Completing a tour in the cave usually lasts 50 minutes. Inside we can enjoy the unique view of provided by the varied shapes and colours of stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is waiting for the visitors all year long (except on Mondays from September to June).

The surrounding area of Trieste (mostly the coastline) is characterised by white (karstic) rocks and cliffs, with peaceful little             bays and footpaths through the Mediterranean vegetation. Whatever the reason is that leads you to Trieste, you will definitely have a great time, and we have to mention the very exciting kitchen of the region that is a great result of the different impacts of the culture that Trieste has ever been contacted. 






The Mocanita - a real forest steam rail...

27-03-2016 -

Let us lead you to a very unique place of Europe. And this time we are not just informing you about the certain region, but we would like to introduce a conserved piece of the history. Its nick name is Mocanita, but you may meet it with the name: Vaser Valley Railway or CFF Viseu de Sus.

Bouldering Basics

27-03-2016 -

Let me talk about bouldering a bit. This activity can be called the very basics of rock climbing. So this is a very basic discipline which can help you a lot in improving your climbing techniques, or even learning the basics of the whole sport if you are a total newbie.

Hanwag - Escalator

27-03-2016 -

Have you ever heard of approach shoes? If not, this is the best occasion for you, since we are about to introduce one of these kinds. Firtsly, we are very happy to say that it is another Hanwag product. This esteemed company released its first approach shoes with Cocona® lining.

Jake Thamm - Lord of the Rockies

27-03-2016 -

We had a little talk with Jake Thamm, the president and co-founder of the Crescent Moon Snowshoe Company. His company is based in Colorado, so we can't have a doubt that he is a real expert of snow!